Affordable Housing Specialist Group (AHSG)

Transforming communities by providing decent, safe, and affordable housing solutions for persons of modest means.

The Problem

Row of modest clapboard houses with gables and summer flowers in front garden

Lack of access to affordable housing for lower to moderate-income families and households throughout the nation.

For this specific investment opportunity, we are currently focused on the Southern Region of the US.


Our Solution

We acquire and develop Affordable Housing to help address the national housing crisis, eliminate blight, and improve quality of life issues.

What we do

Our mission is to acquire, develop, and improve low-income and affordable housing for at-risk populations. We strategically create projects that leverage our expansive network, and financial and development expertise, to build sustainable low-income and affordable housing across the United States.

We specialize in accessing local, state, and federal grants and subsidies to make our projects affordable and profitable. We also provide technical assistance to other organizations, community development corporations, governmental agencies, and mission-driven investors who share our commitment to providing and maintaining low-income and affordable housing.

How it works

Step 1

We acquire and develop Affordable Housing in targeted areas that have financial incentives for residents and investors.

New Land Development

Step 2

We build single-family homes and duplexes in the targeted areas.

choose a building plot of land for house construction on cadastral map

Step 3

Sell to pre-qualified first-time home buyers so investors can quickly recoup their investments and gain above-average returns.

First Time Home Buyers

Single Family Residence (SFR)

Construction Loan Investment

Pro Forma* (i.e. Example Only)

Per Property Participation

Est. Construction Loan Amount from Investor

Est. Principle & Interest Return Amount

Est. Profit in Approxima​t​ely 12 Months

Estima​ted Financials

Projec​ted Sale Price

Total Costs of Sale (Land +​ Construction)

Total Net​ Profit (100%)

Investor’s Ne​t Profit (20%)

Investor’s Interes​t Rate Profits

$13,329 (Sale) + $5,10​0 (Interest) =

Est. Cash on C​ash Return ROI

$60,000 (Securitized as a 2nd Deed Position & Promissory Note)

$78,429 (Interest paid to an investor for a construction loan deposit)

$18,429 (Net Profits from Sale + Interest)








*Actual financials

and timeline will vary based ​on the property purchased ​and market conditions.

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